Incoming Committee Roles for the 2018/19 Year

The newly elected committee of the Marlborough Arts Society held its first meeting on Tuesday 2 October, allocating key roles and responsibilities.

The eight-member committee consists of: President, Annie Stark; Vice-President, Walter Scott; Treasurer, Reynaldo Grutas; Secretary, Anne Barrer; Janne Hickman; Barb Lormans; Annette Michna-Vonigstorfer; and Nikki Roberton.

A finance sub-committee consisting of the President, Vice-President and Treasurer will manage the finance portfolio. Annie is also taking on responsibility for publicity and fundraising, while Reynaldo will be working closely with Exhibitions and Workshops Co-ordinator Helen Ballinger on the website and studio rental.

Maintaining the roles they carried out on the previous committee, Anne Barrer will continue managing membership in addition to her role as secretary, and Barb Lormans will continue in her role as editor of the newsletter. Nikki Roberton, who was also on the previous committee, will continue contributing her expertise to the portfolios of exhibition hanging and fundraising. New committee member Janne Hickman has agreed to manage the supervisor roster. Another new committee member, Annette Michna-Vonigstorfer, will be invited to take on a portfolio of her choice when she returns from overseas.

The committee will be contacting members who so generously undertake other work for the society (such as library, archives, and gardening) in the hope they will continue to do so.

It also intends to issue a heartfelt appeal to all members to really get involved in the activities the Society is undertaking for the benefit of all.

Helen Ballinger